Health Literacy Health literacy is the ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions (Kōrero Mārama, 2010).

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Why is health literacy important?

Visit Your URL For patients, health literacy means:
  • Being able to follow doctor’s instructions after a visit.
  • Being able to manage a chronic illness
  • Understanding how to take their medication properly.

investigate this site If someone can’t understand the instructions, then they can’t be expected to follow them which in turn reduces the success of treatment and increases the risk of medical error.

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How does Health Link North help with health literacy?

اسهم الكويتية Health Link North promotes health literacy to enable Waitemata DHB to communicate more effectively with the community it serves. We do this by reviewing content and user-friendliness of patient information and materials.

فوركس ذهب Health Link North is lucky to have a dedicated group of community volunteers to undertake reviews of patient and consumer information provided to the group by Waitemata DHB staff. This valuable service ensures that the booklets, flyers, video, posters and medication information provided to consumers are:

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  • written in plain English,
  • have appropriate images, font size and layout
  • avoiding jargon and
  • encouraging patients to ask questions
  • culturally sensitive
  • is easily understood by the many different health consumers eg: older people, youth, different ethnic groups, disability groups

read this This is one example of our documents reviewed by our health literacy group: