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What is a health consumer representative?

A health consumer representative is a member of a committee, project or group who voices consumer perspectives and takes part in decision making on behalf of health consumers. They may be nominated by and accountable to, a consumer organisation or they may be individuals who are in a volunteer capacity. The role may provide for remuneration to cover the costs of participating. By consumer we mean patients or service users and their families or whānau.

Consumer representatives can get involved in decision-making processes about health services, planning, policy development, setting priorities and addressing quality issues in the delivery of health services. Health consumer representatives, therefore, have a ‘voice’ – that means ‘something to say’ about health and disability. This will be due to their experiences in life, as an individual with a health challenge and/or disability, or through caring for people living that way. They do not need to know everything about health and disability, what they bring is knowledge of the realities and practicalities of using specific health services from your community’s perspective.

Health Link North and Waitakere Health Link are working with Waitemata District Health Board to support the involvement of health consumer representatives.

If you are interested in becoming a consumer representative, contact –

Consumer participation

The process of involving health consumers in decision-making processes about their own health care, health service planning, policy development, and addressing quality issues in the delivery of health services.